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22 y/o, Canada. English & Psych student. I'm pretty sure pop psychology will be the death of me. makeup junkie :3. INFJ.
This blog contains stuff I find hilarious, enjoyable, problematic, etc. & just ramblings from my own life. I often times reblog text from others because I am not eloquent enough to speak for myself. I'll probably call you 'babe' at some point, though.

Apr 16

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Apr 14


the pressure on first generation children of immigrants 

to prove that you are indeed proof that parents’ sacrifice was worth it

is something that many Americans will never understand

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when will ariana grande’s quinceañera end

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when I was dying my hair last night, the tiniest little drop of dye managed to make its way straight into my eyeball. I literally thought I was going to be blind for like 12 seconds, so fucking scary omg 


This will literally make your day

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look at this fucking idiot i want 20

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Apr 11

I just unlocked VIB Rouge

Apr 10


reading the first question on a test

at 3cc3 exam

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thursday, April 10th 2014 

  • interview  
  • 3cc3 exam ✓ 
  • final essay of undergrad submitted ✓ 
  • long overdue face mask ✓ 
  • beautiful weather  
  • got an essay back - got 95 yeyeyyee

Last #essay of #undergrad #done #freedom #performance #shakespeare

Last #essay of #undergrad #done #freedom #performance #shakespeare


*takes nudes in the Apple store*

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