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23 y/o, Canada. English & Psych graduate! B.Ed. student. I'm pretty sure pop psychology will be the death of me. makeup junkie :3. INFJ.
This blog contains stuff I find hilarious, enjoyable, problematic, etc. & just ramblings from my own life. I often times reblog text from others because I am not eloquent enough to speak for myself. I'll probably call you 'babe' at some point, though.

Sep 22

he’s on an important journey


he’s on an important journey

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Brooklyn 99 is a hilarious ass show

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Damn that turned innocent to calling out sexism real fast

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apparently coworker(s) at my workplace have complained to my boss that Im too bossy.

I WOULDN’T HAVE TO BE BOSSY IF EVERYONE DID THEIR FUCKING JOB, IT’S NOT LIKE IT’S HARD. Im literally the only competent one, along with 3 others. even my manager doesnt show up for no reason and doesnt even call….

Sorry that I was raised in such a way that taught me not every work place is a good one, and that if youre lucky enough to get a job, even if its min wage, and they treat you somewhat decently, then you take it and fucking do the best job you can. money is money, all work is noble, have some pride in what you do. 

sick of these 26 year old partying bitches workinhg in retail forever and not showing up to work or just fucking around. 

get some fucking work ethic.  How the fuck am I not a manager yet, I would run this so well. 

I may not be the smartest person ever or the nicest or the thinnest but at least I can say Im hard working and actually want to work 


i hate looking ugly the first time i meet someone like wait i can do better than this i swear

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  • finally have my phone back
  • was almost late for school today because i slept in then my bus hit a cyclist (the guy is okay, dont worry, & yes it was terrifying to be a part of)
  • I went driving with my mom/brother to buy him new shoes and my mom almost had a heart attack cause I drive too fast when I turn? IM GOING WITHIN THE LIMIT MY DRIVING TEACHER TOLD ME :( 
  • I was going to dye my hair this weekend but then life
  • my mom was making delicious apple pie AND I EVEN HELPED. took 3 hours to prep 
  • Im the worst teacher candidate ever. friend texts me asking about the presentation/assignment tomorrow and im like wat assignment

Sep 18

so i finally went to the store and got notebooks and organizers and Im getting my textbook tomorrow (finally) so everythings slowly coming together.

I even bought a cute bb mini notebook where I put all the teaching tips/tricks/activity ideas that my profs give me and filled it out, I have so much in there already :’)  

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Sep 16

my name is monica and im addicted to dresses and boots

things I call mumford my kitty

  • mumf
  • mumfies
  • mumfries
  • mummers
  • mummies
  • mums
  • mumfoosh
  • beautimous 
  • fatass

things I call willow my kitty

  • willoosh
  • willfoosh
  • willie
  • will
  • willek
  • bb girl

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